February 5, 2018

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Saint-Andre-Les-Alpes XC Inspiration...

February 3, 2018


To get you in the mood... here's a few tasters of what's possible from the small to the big cross country (XC) any time between June and October.


The maps have a thermal hotspot overlay based on pilot gps tracks during October. They give a good idea of where most people have gone and so help to inspire you to make your own route choices.


Remember the weather can vary - solar heating, wind speed and direction, thermal strength and cloud base will make a big difference to what is possible on a given day.


Click on each map for a larger image or click the links to view it on the excellent XC planner where you can plan your own routes. Distances and speed are in KM/ KMH.


Reyniere Antenna and Back

Le Chalvet - Le Reyniere Antenna - St Andre

See it in XC Planner




Le Reyniere Antenna to Pic de Chamatte

Le Chalvet - Le Reyniere Antenna - Le Chalvet - Crete de Serres - Pic de Chamatte - St Andre

See it in XC Planner



Cheval Blanc West Loop

Le Chalvet - Cheval Blanc - Sapee - Mouchon - St Andre

See it in XC Planner



Montagne de Coupe Loop

Le Chalvet - Mouchon- Mtgne de Coupe - Cheval Blanc - St Andre

See it in XC Planner



Cheval Blanc East Loop

Le Chalvet - Cheval Blanc - Coste Longue - Serre - Cordeil - Maurel - St Andre

See it in XC Planner



Dormillouse and Back

Le Chalvet - Cheval Blanc - Dormillouse - Coste Longue -Maurel - St Andre

See it in XC Planner



Are you looking for more of a challenge?

The XC contest site is great learning tool for looking at what others did on a particular day.  Here's a nice day in October 2012 which gave good flights to some of our guests.


If this is all to tame for you, check out this 238 km triangle by hang glider  or this outstanding 207 km triangle by paraglider.  


Or if you have big ambitions and just fancy crusing past St Andre on your way to Switzerland

check out  this incredible 345km flight by Luc Armant.  


Whatever route you chose, stay safe and enjoy!!! 




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